Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year- New Point of Sale System

Are you opening up a new store? Maybe your current Point of Sale system is just not cutting it?

This year make a major change for you and your business with Point of Sale powered by Revel!

There are so many reasons why you should switch to the new iPad Point of Sale System!

The iPad comes already prepared for you and your business- you just need to turn it on!

Set up individual pins for you and your employees, this helps keep track of who is clocked in and who isn't.

Create training videos for your employees- whenever it is slow they can watch the videos on the iPad and easily go back to the Point of Sale system when a customer walks in.

With the Point of Sale powered by Revel you can accept any major credit or debit card and even check up on your inventory with out ever leaving the front desk!

Reward Programs/Gift Cards:

Now with this new Point of Sale system you are able to reward your favorite customers and give out gift cards!

Perfect for Retail:
With the bar code scanner you can easily upload inventory- even adding pictures and changing the prices

Accept returns-even when they lose the receipt 

Allow your employees to have commission

Check on your social media platforms without ever leaving the Point of Sale app. With the iPad you are able to post of Facebook and Twitter regarding sales and even receive alerts when a new Yelp review is posted

Integrates with QuickBooks-no double entry, no late nights entering receipts. The iPad instantly updates QuickBooks for you!

Always On Mode allows you to continue making sales-even when the power or internet is down. When you receive internet again the Point of Sale system will update QuickBooks for you

Perfect for Restaurants or Bars (even food trucks!):

Not only can you create work schedules, have employees clock in and out through the iPad but you can also split bills and run tabs! 

Send orders to the kitchen in a matter of seconds! Straight from the iPad!

You can also accept EMV chip Credit Cards and Apply Pay.

Want more information regarding the new Point of Sale system?
Call QB Doc today at 775-348-9200

Check out or video regarding Point of Sale powered by Revel vs Point of Sale Desktop

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