Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enterprise: What's New!

What is new for QuickBooks Enterprise?:

 Advanced Pricing Add-On
 helps you control, customize and automate your pricing – right inside your QuickBooks. No more tedious manual updating.

Job Costing and expense tracking capabilities help you get a better handle on the current financial state of all your projects. Get more detailed information about where your money is going.

Assemblies features make tracking down individual components easier. Plus, save time working with assemblies. Build all subassemblies automatically with a final build, and allow QuickBooks to update assembly costs and price instead of manually updating them.

Auto POs turn purchasing into a two-click operation. Just specify minimum and maximum stock levels, and QuickBooks will put those quantities directly into PO's.

And from now until June 30th you can receive:
$0 Monthly fee
1.60% swiped rates
2.85% non-swipe rate
Transaction Fee - $.25
ACH - $.50

This offer is risk free and $0 monthly fee and the best rate. Even if you’re already using another provider, we think you’ll like the seamless integration that will get you paid faster and save you even more time. Same great benefits of QuickBooks Payments at preferred pricing!