Thursday, January 30, 2014

Point Of Sale 2013

What Is Point Of Sale?

Point Of Sale is a system businesses use to help manage their sales, inventory, and keep track of their customers with ease.  Replace your cash register and jump into the future way of retail!
  • Sales

POS keeps track of every sale that you make.  Never again worry about things such as double-entries and mistakes.  Point Of Sale creates fool-proof transactions to eliminate hassle, set-up, and the expense of credit card processing terminals.  Simply ring up the sale and enter the card number right into the system.

  • Inventory

With Point Of Sale, your inventory is easily controlled.  It is automatically updated with every sale, order and return. Access instant reports in seconds which show you what's in stock, what's most popular, and what needs to be re-ordered.  This ensures that you will always be in stock!

  • Customers

Manage your customer's purchase history and keep them coming back with loyalty programs, gift cards, & personalized email offers.  Additionally, the new Mobile Sync Feature offered with POS 2013 lets you securely swipe credit cards on your smart phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, spend less time at tax times! With just a click, all your data automatically syncs with QuickBooks accounting software.  Be prepared at tax time with no retyping data or worrying about errors.

If you're looking to:
    -Save valuable time on key business tasks
    -Cut costs with efficient inventory tracking
    -See business performance at a glance
    -Keep customers happy and coming back
Then Point Of Sale 2013 is right for you!

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