Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Need QuickBooks to Run Your Business!

If you use QuickBooks for your accounting, you are  saving money in several ways:
1.    You don’t have to pay an outside accountant or bookkeeper to do the day-to-day books. You, the business owner, can do all the time-intensive tasks yourself. Such as: entering and paying bills, cutting checks, invoicing, entering payments and deposits, receiving inventory, etc. Doing these tasks with QuickBooks is likely to cost less than outsourcing the bookkeeping.

2.    You can run management reports whenever you want, and make well informed business decisions as a result. Making it so you as the business owner can decide either to increase your revenue, or control expenses better, or both.

3.    You can run the reports the way you want them; you can customize them as you go along and tweak them to your needs. Making it more flexible for you.

4.    You can manage your cash better. You can detect and manage delinquent receivables and time your payments to vendors for best cash flow.

5.    QuickBooks pays for itself compared to other software solutions. You may be wondering how so? Because it is less expensive than most competitive offerings, it has a larger user community through which to get free support, and has by far the biggest consulting and third party developer network of any accounting software now available. This makes it the most extensively supported accounting software in existence. And that’s a good thing when you are trying to get problems solved.

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